Condominium, Commercial and Industrial Garage Restoration Services

Garage floor repair and coating, expansion joint injection, ledge beam repair, concrete patching, and crack repair are just some of the parking garage waterproofing services we do.

Our technologies allow us to fix expansion joints in the ceiling, walls, and floors. We help save money by sealing the expansion joints on the podium roof from the inside of the parking garage. We complete the joint repair while also filling any fractures in the podium roof  waterproofing membrane and concrete slabs surrounding the injection.


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    Water from the environment can seep through walls or columns as fractures  occur in concrete surfaces due to aging and weather conditions, that is why parking garages leak. Podiums roofs will also begin to leak if the waterproofing membrane fails and there are cracks in the roof itself, with water entering through the expansion joints or roof cracks.